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3 easy steps to begin assisting law enforcement

By uploading your DNA test results, you can help: catch killers, lock up rapists, and identify the nameless.

1. Download your data

Download your raw DNA data from AncestryDNA, 23andme, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA or others.

2. Register & upload

Register with DNA Justice™ and upload your downloaded DNA file. Optionally, provide additional information to assist investigators.

3. Get notified

We'll notify you any time a case solved in which you were a DNA match, so you can see the impact your contribution made.

Quick Facts

Facts at a glance


We are not beholden to profits of investors and will always do what is in the best interest of our users, law enforcement, and the industry.

Proven leadership

Our board is comprised of leaders in the field of investigative genetic genealogy, with extensive experience in all facets of IGG.


We have a very clear and straightforward Terms of Service, and pledge transparency in all metrics surrounding the use of the DNA Justice database.

See your impact

We will notify you any time you were a match in a case that was solved using DNA Justice.

Free or low-cost

Law enforcement agencies will never pay exorbinant costs to upload law enforcement profiles to our database, allowing them to maximize limited budgets.

Single purpose

DNA Justice exists for one purpose, and one purpose only - to aid in law enforcement investigations.

Your DNA could be the key

Every person that contributes their DNA to the DNA Justice Database helps our mission of aiding law enforcement in identifying perpetrators of violent crimes, and unidentified remains. Your DNA could help a family get the answers they've been seeking.

Help support our mission.

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